Why Hire Us?

We have spent a lot of years in the wedding industry shooting weddings and working to perfect our craft. We’ve learned so much shooting over 100 weddings and want you to know what you get when you hire Jonah and Lindsay. In the past, we have saved this part for the consultation… but to save your time and ours, and to give you a broader picture of the type of coverage we provide, equipment we use, and the overall experience you will have with us, we are including it here! :)

We include a complimentary engagement session with all our wedding photography packages! This is a great time for us to get to know you and your fiancé, see how you guys interact, and really just hang out and have a fun 60-90 minutes. We love to capture love, joy, and the essence of “you and your fiancé.”



What this means is that when you hire us, you will be getting both of us (Jonah and Lindsay)! We are both capable of taking the lead and covering any part of the wedding day on our own and tag team and with leading and assisting. We each have our strengths and lean on one another in those specific areas! This is super important for the type of coverage we provide our clients. We want you to remember all the parts of your wedding day (big and small) that you worked so hard to prep for and want the people you love to enjoy! From the details to your wedding portraits, your families, and all the candid moments of your guests enjoying themselves at your reception, we capture it all!


We have invested in a lot of gear that is super helpful in covering your wedding day. We shoot on Canon 5D Mark IV cameras and we use Canon L series and Sigma Art lenses. We have tripods, monopods, gimbals, flashes, reflectors and mics and audio recorders for all our video work!

We also use lighting during the reception should we need it. It’s also so we can capture your day well even after there is no longer light in the sky. We absolutely LOVE natural light, and take full advantage of it, but at some point during every single wedding, the sun does go down and there is less light to work with. We have found there is so much value in knowing how to use lighting and the importance of having external lighting with us on a wedding day. We can’t tell you how many times our lighting and flashes have literally saved the day at weddings. It’s quite a lot. Outdoor weddings with string lights are definitely SO amazing… until it’s completely dark outside and you can’t see your new spouse getting teary-eyed while he’s got the mic in his hand. You want to see those smile lines and tears, trust us!




Every photographer is different in how they set themselves a part in the market of “wedding photographers.” Make sure you ask a lot of questions, know what you want, educate yourself and know what you are getting when you hire your wedding photographer.

We offer digital image packages, which means you choose the hours you want us to cover on your wedding day. We shoot and edit each and every image we deliver, and provide all the edited images to you on an on-line gallery, at high-resolution, with a release to print! You can send this link out to all of your friends and family, and they are free to download the images they would like to have. There are no extra fees for downloads, or requirements to print with us. What you pay for when you book with us is our time, professional equipment, and your digital images (700-1200 images depending on the package you choose)! Not everyone does it this way and not everyone wants this. We know we have a niche, and we love it! If you want to purchase printed items like canvases, artwork, albums, etc., later, we provide this option!

If you would like to check out full wedding galleries, please feel free!




During the week, we also do a variety of other types of photography! Click on the button below for more folders and galleries to browse through!